Patriot News: Lease company promises not to expand parking meters in Harrisburg

The Patriot News reports:

The company seeking to lease 8,500 public parking spaces in Harrisburg has no plans to enforce street meters after hours or on the weekends, and it won’t push to expand meters into residential sections of the city.

Jacob Frydman, principal of the New York company seeking the 75-year lease, made the pledge after the prospect of plugging meters around the clock and of meters popping up on residential streets rallied some city residents against the $215 million deal.

“For the record, there is no plan to increase the number of meters or to expand the hours of operation of the meters,” Frydman said this week. “Anyone saying otherwise is simply misinformed.”

And later in the article:

Frydman said the contract clause is necessary because the lease must be a forward-looking document that will cover the next 75 years. He said the face of the city could change dramatically in that period and the contract language would allow the company to request additional meters as the city’s central business district expands.

“Certainly, Harrisburg didn’t look like it does today 75 years ago,” Frydman said. “As the community changes, there may be a time in the next 75 years when the central business district grows and there may be a request to expand the meters. It is not our intent to expand meters into residential or non-business areas.”

Link to The Patriot News


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