Patriot News: Parking rate hikes would come with city lease deal

The Patriot News reports:

Motorists who park in Harrisburg’s public garages would face a $1 increase in the daily and rates if a private company is successful in leasing the facilities.

Those who pay monthly rates for garage parking would see a $15 to $20 increase if the lease deal closes as proposed by Oct. 15.

Jacob Frydman, principal of the New York company seeking the lease, defended the parking fee increases as “fair and competitive” in lay out his $215 million lease offer before City Council tonight.

Harrisburg’s current public parking rates are $120 monthly, $18 daily, $3 for first 2 hours in garages, and 25 cents for 10 minutes at meters.

Under the lease agreement, the lease company would have the right to double city parking rates twice a year. But Frydman called the contract clause a “legal technicality, not a practical reality.”

“In reality, rates are really controlled by the market,” he said.

Link to the Patriot News.


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