Central Penn Business Journal: Parking company to union: Let’s partner

Central Penn Business Journal reports:

The private company that wants to lease the city’s parking facilities yesterday mailed a letter to members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 521b. The union local has publicly opposed the deal.

The letter promised an hourly pay increase of 75 cents, a cash bonus equal to 20 percent of salary and other perks if the union agrees to remove a contract clause blocking the $215 million, 75-year lease.

“We view you as our future partners in this project,” officials of Harrisburg Public Parking wrote. “HPP wants you to have all the facts necessary to make your own independent and informed decision.”

Harrisburg Public Parking promised to keep all union employees on board and to give them first dibs at any new jobs it creates. The company wrote that it would reject a “no-layoff” clause because it needs the ability to cut jobs in response to market conditions, which it said was an unlikely prospect.

Among the benefits promised in the letter:

  • A one-time cash bonus equal to 20 percent of 2007 salary, paid by the city’s Harrisburg Parking Authority.
  • Paying employees for lunch, which amounts to an average annualraise of almost $1,800.
  • Raising the hourly wage by 75 cents.
  • A three-year extension of the union’s contract, to the end of 2015.
  • Strict limits on subcontracting.

Link to Central Penn Business Journal.


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